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For the past 10 years, Polly really made the most of her British passport, hightailing it to Europe after completing her Arts Degree at La Trobe University.   What started as an extended holiday became an adventure that lasted almost a decade.  Berlin was the city she landed in and came to call home. As a city, it really is all that you imagine and sometimes a little bit more. Polly jumped right in and took a great big bite of all that was on offer.  


It is a city that attracts creative and interesting souls from around the world and Polly had the good fortune to meet, learn from, work with and be inspired by many of these people.  People whose talents and skills range from burlesque doyennes to artistic agitators, chess boxers to titans of catering, heiresses to punk rockers.  


All of this was given direction and focus when in 2012 she began working with Pret a Diner, a pop-up restaurant series that delivered “not just a pop-up restaurant, but a dining experience”.  The learning curve was steep and achievement rapid during her tenure at Pret.  The edict that the devil is in the detail initially felt like a rap over the knuckles from a nasty school mam, however it will forever inform her work.  Polly was part of the team for over 10 big-budget projects spanning Europe within an intense two-year period.  Starting as design assistant, maintaining inventory and fluffing the cushions, to sourcing and styling, to client meet & greet and sponsor handling to finally finishing up as project manager for design and decoration.


She then furthered her event management and production styling proficiency at Platoon Kunsthalle.  A unique venue constructed from shipping containers, designed to be the physical representation of the dynamic Platoon – Cultural Development.  The work and experience were once again very broad, offering the opportunity to not only work with large corporate clients but to generate and create new platforms and events to support and promote artistic endeavour.


There is nothing that Polly likes more than a job well done and a cheeky glass of champagne.

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